Janitorial Services

Cleaner Conditions & Maintenance, Inc. has been providing outstanding janitorial services to a wide array of commercial businesses throughout Sarasota and Manatee Counties for over 13 years and we understand that it is crucial for a business owner to offer a safe workplace and a clean environment for their employees and clients.


The staff at Cleaner Conditions & Maintenance, Inc. has a combined experience of over 40 years in the commercial cleaning industry. They are professionally trained, educated and knowledgeable in the proper use of detergents, chemicals and cleaning equipment.


RESTROOMS – Restrooms are one of the most critical rooms in a building. Walking into a dirty restroom can be the reason a client decides not to continue doing business with your company. Professionally cleaned and sanitized restrooms are essential in providing costumers with a positive image of your company.


LOBBBIES – The lobby of your building is often the first impression a client receives. We maintain the lobbies of many local businesses in pristine condition. The lobby is a high-traffic area that requires a lot of attention. Our cleaning professionals will keep your lobby looking immaculate all year round.


KITCHENS / BREAKROOMS / LUNCHROOMS – The Kitchen is another critical. Indeed, cleaning the kitchen should be a daily task. A kitchen requires constant attention because it is where meals are prepared. Eating in a dirty and smelly kitchen can make a meal less appetizing and even unsafe. Our professional staff will clean and sanitize your kitchen leaving it safe to prepare foods.


WINDOW CLEANING – A clear view can, quite literally change the way clients see you. Let us enhance the image of your building or home by making your windows sparkly and streak free. We provide internal and external window cleaning services we can help.


CARPET CLEANING / FLOOR CARE – Nobody looks at the ceiling first. Whether you have hard surfaces or carpeting, we can help you. Visit our Carpet Cleaning and Floor Care page for more information about those services.


Cleaner Conditions & Maintenance, Inc. is insured & bonded, our customer service team is on call 24/7, our management provides daily service check-ups, and our service is 100% guaranteed.


Call 941.388.7446 for a free estimate and you'll see what sets us apart from other cleaning companies.